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tv   New Day With Alisyn Camerota and John Berman  CNN  April 12, 2021 2:59am-4:00am PDT

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. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." it's monday, april 12th, 6:00 in new york. i'm john berman. my friend poppy harlow with me all week. great to have you here. we begin with breaking news. a fatal shooting in minneapolis ten miles from where derek chauvin is on trial for the death of george flied. this happened ten miles from downtown minneapolis. his mother said he called her
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when he was pulled over. he told her he was stopped because an air freshener was blocking his view from his rearview mirror. he got back into his car and the officer opened fire. he died, crashing at the scene. a consider few was imposed after the protests turned violent. meanwhile governor ralph northam directed state police to investigation another very controversial traffic stop, this one taking place back in december, two police officers holding a man at gunpoint. look at this. he's a second lieutenant in the army. body camera footage shows police pepper spraying him, striking and handcuffing him. officials revealed overnight one
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of those officers has been filed. we begin with adrienne broadus joins us live. what can you tell us? >> reporter: poppy, this is about ten miles from where the derek chauvin trial is taking place. if you look behind me, a chair was used to bust the window of this business, glass scattered. this after police say a black man was shot and killed during a traffic stop. exactly what happened is unclear. outrage and frustration in brooklyn center, minnesota, with crowds gathering and protests in the death of dante wright, the officers shooting him during a traffic stop. police say they were attempting to arrest the man after
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determining he had outstanding warrants and he got back into his car. >> one officer had fired a weapon, striking the driver. the vehicle continued and eventually crashed, and medical resources were then deployed to the scene to aid the people in both the vehicle that was crashed into and the original group. the driver of the vehicle was deceased. >> reporter: authorities say wright died at the scene of the crash, his mother arriving there after the incident, saying he called her when he was pulled over shortly before 2:00 p.m. >> he said he was getting pulled over by the police, and i said, why did you get pulled over. he said they pulled him over because he had air fresheners hanging from the rearview mirror. >> reporter: according to the police both body cameras and dash crams were activated during the chuting. >> it's too early to make any comment on it.
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>> reporter: tension growing in the city overnight. officers pouring tear gas on protesters outside the police department. in anticipation of more unrest today, the state deploying more law enforcement officials in the minneapolis area. >> what you'll see is a greater law enforcement presence, greater national guard presence. >> reporter: john, as i watched people loot these businesses overnight, it reminded me of what we all saw after george floyd was killed. if you look behind me, you'll see here this t-mobile destroyed, the front door entrance busted. inside, boxes tossed about. the office space. and we saw people with bags of -- bags, just pulling things, walking out of these businesses. and this is all happening as we enter the third week of the chauvin trial. later today in that trail we know a medical doctor is expected to testify, a doctor that was supposed to take the
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stand on friday. and as the prosecution nears the end of its case, as it prepares to rest its case, it's likely a member of george floyd's family will also testify. that family will be able to speak to george's character intimately. john? >> adrienne broaddus. again, like ten miles from the courthouse where the derek chauvin trial is happening. adrienne, stand by. joining us now, bakari sellers and jonathan rackrau. jonathan, i want to start with the case as we know it, the killing as we know it. the mother on dante wright said he was pulled over because of an air freshener dangling from the rearview mirror. he was shot by the police in the process of going back to his car
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after the initial encounter there. what questions does this raise for you, jonathan? ? >> any officer-involved shooting is going to be under scrutiny right now. i don't want to rush to any judgment on the police actions as we don't know the specific details as to the interaction. anytime someone is stopped it can be administrative or very dynamic. we don't know how that interaction went -- took place. p right now it's tragic that mr. wright lost his lifer, however, we have go understand was this an appropriate use of force or not. and what will happen is law enforcement is going to be under a very critical review right now for this action. you know, this is the wild-card
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incident that nobody wanted at this time. you know, both the community and law enforcement had feared this for a long time, and we're seeing the consequences of this type of event. whether it was a justified shooting or not, the community is obviously responding, and the community already was desta destabilized, and it's further rolling into protests and masses of civil unrest. >> bakari, you're an attorney. we're going to learn what happened. the police department says all their officers wear body cameras and they believe the body cameras and the dash camera were on. i'm not sure how long it's going to take for that to become public. i think that's a really key question. transparency is a key question now. are you aware that's going to
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become public. >> you have to now. transparency is very, very important. the investigation has to be completed, and, you know, there is this gulf of disstruft between law enforcement and the community, so you want the things like body-worn cameras to come out and cameras to come out. i'm just glad they were on. i have a case right now where body cameras, quote/unquote fell off the officers who were pursuing a suspect whose head was slammed in a door. this has to be transparent. you brought that up. they have to be transparent. that onus is on them. i will tell you, when you talk about the warrant -- and i believe that the -- that the police would have stated this in their statement -- i'm pretty certain he did not have a warrant for a death penalty crime, so that's first and foremost. nothing that he did at the
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scene, we would presume -- although facts have to bear that out -- would be the cause for the death penalty. the last thing i will say is we have to get out of the notion -- because it's just not the case anymore that we have routine traffic stops in this country, especially for people of color. there's a heightened sense of fear that goes along with those traffic stops. there's heart palpitations and anxiety that most people don't even understand that black folk and brown folk have in this country when they're stopped by police. there's no such thing in my community as a routine stop. there's a stop that's riddled with anxiety. that's what we have most times. >> we're going to see that in a moment as we talk about what happened in virginia. we'll get back to the specifics in this case in a second, bakari, but i'm struck that this happened ten miles from the courthouse where derek chauvin is on trial. i'm asking you as an attorney who's been in court before. will this have an impact on the
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chauvin trial? the jurors live in the community where this is going on. the chances they're going to see this, i have to believe it's something the judge will be looking at. >> this is a -- i can't say that this is something that i've seen before where you have a case that has this much scrutiny. very rarely do we have the entire world in a courtroom. sometimes you have local media, et cetera, but you very rarely have cnn and other cameras in the courtroom. that's first. you compound that with the fact we have ten miles down the road a shooting. whether justified or not has yet to be determined. yeah, that's something that will impact the jury as they go for deliberations. although you want the jury to focus on the facts at hand to be delivered, they're human beings. they're wild cards, but they're human beings. they will definitely take it to deliberations, and this is for better or for worse. what's going on in the community around them? you try to shield them as much as possible from this, but when
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you have a protest ten miles away from your home, it's not as though you can avoid that. this is a very natural occurrence unfortunately in this country that these jurors will now take into account. >> i can guarantee you being from minneapolis, those protesters are not just going stay in brooklyn center. they're going to head down hen pip avenue, right through the downtown streets in the coming days. brian stelter sent us the headlines this morning. if you're a leader of the minneapolis police department, the brooklyn center police department, how do you speak to the community this morning? they haven't had a press conference yet. what needs to be said in addition to the facts that they can share at this point? >> listen. i go back to what bakari just said because it's really, really important in a moment like this. transparency is critical to reassuring the public that law enforcement and the people who
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are reviewing this incident are fully traction parent, and they're going to allow all of the facts to come out, and if the shooting is justified or not, they'll take the appropriate action. again, law enforcement since june has undergone a significant amount of training on how to engage in these types of incidents, especially in this critical area. in the run-up to the chauvin trial, i know law enforcement throughout the region has had all different types of training on how to prepare for these types of incidents. again, transparency is going to allow the reassurances of the public that the law enforcement is doing the right thing, that they're not the enemy. bakari's comment was critical here. there is disparity between the way the police and community are
3:12 am
engaging with each other. this is going to pressure test what type of progress they've made to date and whether that progress can be sustained. >> we're being transparent with what we know and don't know at this point. it's all being developed this morning. what we do know is 20-year-old dante wright is dead. he was pulled over. a lot of the details will be filled in over the next several hours. bakari, jonathan, thank you for being with us. to the notion bakari brought up, there's no notion of routine at this point, a police officer has been fired after body camera video captured him pepper spraying and pointing his gun at an army officer during a traffic stop. we'll bring you all of the latest developments next. we didn't stop at computers. we didn't stop at storage or cloud. we kept going. working with our customers to enable the kind of technology that can guide an astronaut back to safety.
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two police officers who drew their guns on a man at a traffic stop was fired. it was captured on body cam video and cellphone video. >> reporter: good morning, poppy. we don't know exactly when joe gutierrez was fired, but he was terminated when it was found department policy was not followed. the other officer is still employed with windsor police. their body camera footage along with cellphone video from the man pulled over shows what happened. we watch it and it does not get any easier. viewers should be warned this video can be disturbing. 6:30 p.m., december 5th, 2020, lieutenant caron nazario driving in his army fatigues in the small town of virginia saw
3:18 am
flashing lights in his rearview mirror. he wasn't sure why he was being pulled over. he slowed down and put his blinker indicating his intention to pull over. it took another minute. he explained it was in order to find a well litt area. >> driver, roll your window down, put your hands out of the window. turn your vehicle off and put your hands out of the window. >> reporter: hearing the commands, nazario began recording from his own cellphone and put his hands out the window. turns out officer daniel crocker had not seen the temporary license plate taped to the rear window of his brand-new chevrolet taho. crocker decided it was a high-risk traffic stop, but this was never explained to nazario who for several minutes continued to ask why he was being pulled over. >> what's going on? >> how many occupants are in the
3:19 am
vehicle? >> it's only myself. >> i'm a veteran too. i learned to obey. get out of the car. >> reporter: body camera footage shows officer joe gutierrez, gun drawn, unfastening what may be his taser. nazario thought ride the lightning meant he could be killed. >> i'm honestly afraid to get out. >> you should be. get out now. >> i have not committed any crimes. >> you're not cooperating. at this point right now you're under arrest -- being detained. >> for a traffic violation i do not have to get out of the vehicle. you haven't told me why i'm being stopped. >> reporter: about two to three minutes in crocker tried to open the driver's door. he wrote, quote, when i attempted to open the door, the driver assaulted myself by assaulting myself and pulling away from the officer's grip.
3:20 am
but in nazario's own footage, he's not seen striking anyone. he was given several more commands to comply with orders, but no such warnings could be heard. gutierrez just sprayed nazario with still night irofficer telling nazario what he was being pulled over for. >> this is [ bleep ] up. this is [ bleep ] up. >> get out of the car. >> i can't -- >> take your seat belt off and get out of the car. you made this more difficult than it had to be. >> can you please talk to me about what's going on? can you please talk to me about what's going on? why am i being like this? why? >> because you're not cooperating. >> reporter: the officers handcuffed nazario and stood him back up. he told him his dog was in the back seat and was choking on the pepper spray. medics arrived and the conversation mellowed.
3:21 am
nazario explained why he didn't immediately pull over. >> i was pulling over if-to-a well lit area for my safety and yours. i have a respect for law enforcement. >> reporter: but gutierrez said it was not the problem. like i told you, as far as you not stopping, you're uncomfortable and want a well litt spot, that happens to us all the time. it happens a lot. 80% of the time, not always, it's a minority. >> reporter: while the officers couldn't understand why nazario didn't get out of the car as instructed, nazario said he didn't know why he was being stopped. >> i never looked out the window and saw a gun immediately. >> reporter: gutierrez eventually told nazario he had a conversation with the chief of police and was giving him the option to let this all go. >> there's no need to have this on your record. i don't want this on your record, however, if you want to
3:22 am
fight and argue -- i have respect for you, you have that right as a citizen, if that's what you want. we'll charge you. it doesn't change my life either way. >> reporter: the town of windsor has added police department-wide requirements for additional training after this incident, implemented starting in january. the town told cnn they're sad for events like this to cast a negative light on the community. part of his statement reads rather than deflect criticism, they've addressed the matter with their personnel administratively, poppy and john, back to you. >> i've got to say -- thank you, natasha. i've got to say, the calm with which lieutenant nazario approached the entire thing was extraordinary. >> it was extraordinary. and his thought as soon as the lights went on and the police vehicles to keep driving to somewhere that's well lit, something that one of our guests who joins us later will talk
3:23 am
about that, wanting as much transparency as upon and turns on his cellphone video because he was scared obviously. >> bakari sellers came on earlier and said there's no such thing as a routine traffic stop. >> especially for a black american in our country. >> that's how he was approaching it. i want to be in a well-lit area because there's no such thing as a routine stop. i can't -- having watched this video several times over the weekend, i don't understand the escalation. i don't understand. >> and the officer saying you didn't have to make it this way. well, the officers escalated it in many respects as well. >> all right. a lot more on all of this coming up. >> yes. michigan's governor, meantime, is calling for more vaccine doses, this as new cases of covid and hospitalizations surge. is it a sign of what may come for other states across the u.s.?
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we are seeing a surge in michigan, despite the fact we have some of the strongest policies in place, mask mandates, capacity limits, working from home. we asked our state for a two-week pause. despite all that, we're seeing a surge because of these variants, and that's precisely why we're really encouraging them to think about surging vaccines in the state of michigan. >> that's governor whitmer. you can look at the graphic right there. hospitalizations also clearly on the rise. look at that, almost reaching the peak that we saw just before the new year.
3:29 am
nearly two dozen hospitals in michigan have reached 90% capacity. joining us now is an even deem y deemologist and detroit's former director. the governor wants a surge of vaccines sent to michigan. what do you think of that idea? >> john, think they's fine, but the obvious question is why are we not doing what the governor has done in the past, which is a real pause? it's one thing to say, we encourage you not to go to a restaurant, we encurable you not to go to a gym, we encourage you to step out of high school sports. those encurrentments are fine, but they're not enough. we're looking at a virus that's far more deadly and more transmissible. yes, sure, it's like asking for more fire extinguishers in the middle of a four-alarm fire
3:30 am
would it help, yes. but we need to involuntarily shut things down for a couple of weeks to bring cases down a bit. it's a little bit frustrating to watch as michigan is literally on b.1.1.7. fire. the governor is not doing what should be obvious. i don't mean to say the vaccine surge isn't a good idea. it's a secondary idea. >> for people who aren't away, the governor is pleading with people to not eat indoors for the next couple of weeks, but she's asking. i often would drive from minnesota to michigan. as the weather warms, people travel over the lines. i've got to think this cannot remain contained to michigan. there are already concerns. governor dewine in ohio is concerned as well.
3:31 am
is it days, weeks before this repeats itself in the neighboring states? >> the worry here, poppy, you're absolutely right, b.1.1.7. exists in every state. so does the aggressive reopening that has people mixing. so is the optimism that tells us that because vaccines exist, that the pandemic is over. those two things are not the same. vaccines don't work until they turn into vaccinations, until they get into people's arms. we're at 25% vaccine coverage. we need to get to 75%, 85%. you're right. if we continue on this trajectory where we have more transm transmissible, more deadly variant among us and we're doing things we know could spread covid-19 and we don't have the vaccine coverage to protect us, that together this spells unfortunately a -- it spells the potential for this kind of a surge elsewhere as well. >> look. it's hard. i don't know that there's a
3:32 am
political will anywhere in the country to go in the opposite direction. i think that's hard for any governor, any administration. look. i asked kate benfield at the white house, what if cases rise. keep doing what you're doing is the political answer. i'm not sure anyone is going any further than that. let's look at the good news if we can, which is how safe the vaccines are that people are taking here in the united states. i'm looking at the statistics now. fewer than one in a thousand people, less than.004%, have reported -- i had to put my glasses on. .004%. that's a very small number among a very large number of people who have been vaccinated, doc. >> that's right, john.
3:33 am
the vaccines are what's going to get us out of it. there's very little political will to do the right thing and call for a pause it. also indicates that a voluntary request for a pause is not going to happen. in terms of a lockdown, it shorthands a message that this is really serious. the good news is you're right. the vaccinations are accelerating. they're ramping up every day. they're extremely safe and very, very effective. we know this surge has been blunted because we have 25% vaccine coverage and the most important thing we can do over the long term to get ourselves out of this is to recognize that not only do vaccines save lives, but they also allow us do the things we've been missing for so long safely.
3:34 am
i was thankful to have some family who were vaccinated over to the place yesterday and we were able to engage, things that would have been so mundane. so for folks watching this and saying, i don't know, listen, we've got an opportunity to get back to normal where we can enjoy those things or not and not ask whether or not we got someone we love sick in the process. get vaccinated. make sure you mask up, back up, and wash up. >> we're so glad you got to spend time with your family. iraqi officials are vowing revenge. we'll have the details on what happened next. germ proof your car with armor all disinfectant. kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.
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all right. developing overnight, iran's foreign minister vowing revenge, blaming israel for a power failure at iran's nuclear sight. cnn's fred pleitgen joins us now. fred, this is fascinating, the
3:39 am
timing of it happening, where it happened, what happened, but the bottom line is iran's nuclear center appears to be offline this morning. >> reporter: it does appear to be offline. you're right. it's truly fascinating. some of the statements from iranians, they said there was a power failure, not a radiation leak, and no one got hurt. but it does seem that the incident as they put it is more severe than we thought at the beginning, however, we still don't know the exact extent of the damage caused by this incident. you're right. the iranians absolutely lashing out at the israelis. they said, quote, zionists want to take revenge on the iranian nation for its success, referring to the negotiations about the nuclear agreement. but we will not allow the zionist and will take sri vench on the zionists for that action.
3:40 am
one of the things iranians have already said, they said the centrifuge, they will be replaced by better centrifuges and they say they'll become even more potent than it was before. certainly the iranians don't seem to be backing down at all. you're absolutely right, john. right now, fascinating time for this to be happening as the u.s. and iran are currently engaged in indirect negotiations, those happening in vienna, to try to salvage the iran nuclear agreement. now, of course, all of this is about bringing iran back into full compliance but sanctions for iranians, and there certainly seems to be some headway being made. of course, we know israel is very much against that agreement, poppy. >> thank you, fred, very much. let's talk about what you just brought up, and that is the fact that overnight the secretary of defense lloyd austin refusing to
3:41 am
comment on any involvement by israeli. secretary austin is visiting israel days after iran and the world powers held talks last week in vienna aimed at potentially reviving the 2015 deal. he's not saying much on this. >> reporter: no, poppy, and neither are officially we hearing from israeli government commenting on this incident, but we are getting some possible hints. israeli media is reporting that unnamed sources are citing that israelis were involved. and yesterday the army chief said israel's operations throughout the middle east are not hidden from the eyes of the enemies and prime minister benjamin netanyahu also referred to iran and said the situation that exists today will not necessarily be the situation that exists tomorrow. again, no official kmenl, but you do have to take a careful eye on the comments from the
3:42 am
israeli army chief and the prime minister. as you noted, the u.s. defense secretary is in israel at this very moment meeting with various officials. he was asked about this incident just a few hours ago. he didn't directly comment, but asked if the incident would be an impediment to an iran nuclear deal. he said the u.s. will continue to focus doing what the president is trying to achieve. president biden is, of course, attempting to bring iran back into diplomatic negotiations. israel against any return to a 2015 iran nuclear deal. within the next few hours we're excelling to see defense secretary austin alongside prime minister benjamin netanyahu. they're expecting to give a joint statement. what will be important to keep an eye on, poppy, during this joint statement is the tone between these two and whether they'll give any further response on this incident. >> thank you.
3:43 am
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president biden will meet today with a bipartisan group of lawmakers to discuss his $2 trillion infrastructure plan. the president's proposal is facing resistance from republicans who argue that the white house definition of infrastructure is overly broad. joining us now is margaret t talev. i feel like we should ring bells any time there'ses a bipartisan meeting on anything. look, it's good. people are talking about something that's very important to people at the white house today. what will come of this meeting, margaret? >> john, good morning. yes, congress is finally back after a two-week recess. this is kind of the opening bell for president biden's big push to get something moving by memorial day so that something can happen by july so something can pass by september.
3:48 am
how does that sound? you're going to see things basically move in that fashion. there's a group of eight lawmakers today meeting with the president. half of them are republicans. they're not the most bipartisan republicans, but they're republicans in places like alaska and louisiana that like infrastructure spending that could use the money, and so we're going to begin to see the president and his team try to pick off different selection groups of republicans who might be in favor of some elements of an infrastructure plan even if they're not in favor of the $2 trillion-plus plan. the white house is pushing out report cards on every state. and guess which two states they previewed for us? kentucky and california. just a coincidence, i'm sure, talking about the deficits in broadband access in mitch mcconnell's home state, the road conditions in kevin mccarthy's home states. these are two republican
3:49 am
leaders, right? that's what's happeningle. we're going to see this kind of carrot-and-stick approach to see if there's a group of republicans who can be intrigued by aspects of this, and the republican plan as of now, talking points, memos passed around, call it a slush fund and oppose it at all costs. >> i am almost want to rename the gumby infrastructure. you know how far you can stretch it, the toy we had as a little kid? that's the key question, how far can we push it. to the talking points, it seems like it must include, oh, it must include this 6% infrastructure. liz cheney said it, ron bloom. a few weeks ago someone said 30%, 40%, and republicans can get behind it. which is it?
3:50 am
>> somewhere between 5% and 100% of infrastructure depending on the definition you agree on. look. here's what the administration is doing. they're coming up with a very expensive plan. it's going to be somewhere in the $3$3 trillion to $4 trillio. it's obvious president biden at least wants the kind of roads, bridges, rail, electric car, kind of the more traditional what's infrastructure is transportation and moving stuff around, but when you're coming out of a year of covid and the economy is like doing okay right now but it's propped up by a lot of influx of spending, democrats are trying to make the case that a job creation plan, whether it's kind of soft or hard infrastructure, still counts for what is the point of infrastructure? it is to make the country kind
3:51 am
of a more resilient place that's adaptable to grow for the future, and they're saying of t it that the entire jobs prospect has grown. president biden says he's willing to take a deal. he keeps saying that. he's not pretending to any gauche yeah. he's like, make an offer. >> to your point, republicans who said it's roads and bridges, and then they say, and broadband. every time they talk, they open the door for more. >> and we need this in my state. >> so there is clearly room for this. by the way, the bad guy in gumby is slugo. >> how do you know this? i miss you, john. a japanese golfer has won the masters -- a japanese male golfer for the first time ever. a live report from tokyo next.
3:52 am
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morning, golfer hideki matsuyama becoming the first japanese man to capture the masters. >> reporter: matsuyama is the first. >> reporter: he wins the world's most important golf tournament. 29-year-old hideki matsuyama entered the week as the 29th top golf never the world. he shot right to the top. being awarded the famous masters green jacket is a dream come true. >> congratulations, hideki. >> thank you. >> what a thrill and honor it's going to be to take the green jacket back to japan. >> reporter: with this win, matsuyama becomes the first
3:57 am
japanese golfer to win any of the four major championships in men's golf. >> translator: i just couldn't stop crying. the tear drops wouldn't stop coming down. >> translator: i was crying and i didn't even notice i was crying. he gave big hope and dreams to children, future golfers. >> reporter: but being thrust into the limelight is not comfortable for matsuyama. the humble spirit of his team on display when his caddy made a respectful bow after the win on sunday. matsuyama has been a celebrity for years in japan even playing a round with former president trump in tokyo, but he's remained a mystery on the international stage. >> reporter: his father introduced him to golf when he was 4 years old. at the age of 11 he became the first to appear at the masters, turning pro in the next two years. he's been struggling to win. a swing coach has made a big difference to his game.
3:58 am
his surprise victory prompted congratulations from around the world including from one of his idols, tiger woods. >> translator: i have a lot of great memories watching the masters as a young boy. the first time i watched, tiger woods was the winner. i was always dreaming some day i could play here. >> reporter: it's a big week for golf in japan after a 17-year-old won the augusta national women's amateur tournament a week ago. these two will give japan a boost for sporting prowess in the year. expected to be a key figure in the world olympics and he's expected to make up to $8 billion in future income following this historic win. this is a major morale boost for japan as the country pushes ahead with the olympics despite major opposition at home and despite rising covid cases across japan. but more than that, this is a ray of light amid anti-asian
3:59 am
hate and attacks. to have this breakthrough win is meaningful beyond japan and the world of golf. pop y john? >> thank you, southeast l selin >> it was great to see. >> "new day" continues right now. welcome to our viewers in the united states and all around the world. this is "new day." i'm john berman. poppy harlow joins us this week. >> i missed you. >> we have breaking news this morning. unrest in the suburbs of minneapolis. the international guard has been deployed. the mayor has ordered a curfew after crowds have been protesting the fatal police shooting on after 20-year-old black man. daunte wright died following a
4:00 am
traffic stop and a car crash miles from where george floyd was killed nearly one year ago. authorities say the officers weren't wearing body cameras. his mother says she spoke to her son moments before he was killed. and this morning a accomplish fired in virginia over a controversial arrest all captured on video. a u.s. army officer is now sueing two accomplishes there for pointing their guns at him, pepper spraying him, and pushing him to the ground during a traffic stop. the officer said he was pulled over for a missing license plate on his new suv, but, in fact, there was one taped right to the back. more on that in a moment. let's begin with breaking news. cnn's adrienne broad does joins us live from brooklyn center, manassas. for people who aren't familiar, it's so close to downtown minneapolis where the derek chauvin trial is taking place, just miles away. >>


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